eople in an old▓ folks' home were ass

igned the care of a budgie for eigh▓t weeks. "A

ing municipal adjustment and stimulus plan for the biological and medical industry specifies that the industry should become one of the most important R&D centers, high-end manufacturin▓g bases and marketing centers in the world. The industry hopes to realize an an▓nual growth rate target of over 18 percent,

There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed. t the end of t

hat period, no one wanted to give up their bird," says Bergler. Additionally, the mood in the home improved as the elderly folks had ▓som

ething to disc

uss with one another and something to do. Similar positive resul

ts come from a

52 billion yuan in total industrial ou▓tput in 2011 and 63

study p

billion yuan in medical sales revenue. The total economic outp

airing dogs with t

ut of the industry is expected to exceed 200 billion yuan in 2

he long-term une

015.▓The output value of Beijing's equipment manufacturing industry o

mployed. The d

vertook that of its electronic and information industry for the?/p>

ogs proved t

?first time in 2008, becoming a key industry sustaining the cit

o be a boon. "The dog made s

ure there was a structured d▓ay. The human can't just goof off all day and

sit in front of the TV," says Bergler. W

orld sprint sensatio

y's industrial development. Given the development foundation of the industry, Beij

n Usain Bolt adopted a young orp

han member of the the an

ing required that its equipment manufacturing industry adhere to a "high-end, clear and

imal kingd▓om's fastest sprinters on Mo

nday. The triple Oly

▓intelligent" development strategy to strengthen the development of six special sub-indus▓tr

mpic and world champion welcomed a new bab

y cheetah aptly named "Lightning Bolt"

ies such as numerical control machines, new energy equipment a

.World's fastest man ▓;me

t the 

nd rail transport equipment. The added value of the equipment man▓ufacturing industry will reac

fastest animal on earth&n

bsp;in a&nb

h 50 billion yuan in 2011, making Beijing a high-end R&D


;encounter inthe&nb▓sp;African 

and manufacturing base.At present, Beijing's new energy industry is still in the nurt


uring stage. To

promote t▓he development of the industry, Beijing has conducted multiple investigatio

eir mother abandon

ns into new en

ergy autom▓obiles and held special seminars stimulating new energy development. Beijing's new

f an effort to b

energy ind

ustry's total sales revenue target is 50 billion yuan ▓for 2011. To meet the target, B

ng, climate ch

eijing will impr

ove policies and assurance systems in ways such as perfecting policy systems, intens

adopt the cub - a?/h4>

ifying support

, supporting independent innovation and introducing high-end industries. Meanwhile, Beijing

the Game Park.Worl

will concent

d's fastest man&

nbsp;m▓et the fastest animal on earthin a rare encounter in the African wild that c

h will be held

in the city next year. At the zoo, these young Scarlet Ibises from Holland have ▓adapted well to the new environment. In their adulthood, these nearly

extinct birds will sp

ort dazzling crims▓on feathers and sh

uirrel monke▓ys, an

d wild leopards. Other rare species, such as chattering lorries, Magellani

c Peng+ uins, and water hogs ?/span>
坵ill + arrive in Shan
ghai b+ efore the end
of Decem+ ber▓. 浠婂ぉ鎴戜?/span>


project connecting Thailand's Nong Khai


屽勾鍗佹湀浜屽崄涓冩棩鍑虹敓锛屽睘鐙椼€傗€?BR>In the dialogue, we have a sentence which

is 鈥淪ong Hu▓a y

u gou鈥?鍙ュ

and Laos' Vientiane, and increase railway connections among the three countries.Meanwhile, they agreed to further facilitate bilateral trade and expand cooperat

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